Why you should NOT expect to play TFT today

I've seen tons of people asking in forums and social media when will TFT be released. **TFT will be released the 26th of June, NOT TODAY.** Yes, today it is suppossed to be the day when you can play it for the very first time. But this is PBE. This server is not pretended to be a final product server. The name says everything: "Public Beta Server". **WHY YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT TO PLAY TFT TODAY** _PS: I hope to be wrong, but I feel like you really should know this so you arent surprised when it happens_ Today there are **3 possible situations:** 1 - Maintenance is not enough to implement TFT. If Riot detects a bug that makes TFT unplayable they wont release it. Don't be surprised if the **maintenance takes longer than expected or if TFT gets delayed**. 2 - The server dies because of the high traffic. PBE is not meant to support the same number of users that NA or EUW do. However, as the hype is too big to wait for the 26th, there will be an unusual high traffic in PBE. **The server may go down or TFT queue might get disabled.** 3 - This case will only happen if everything above goes correctly so we can happily play TFT today. It is, unfortunatly, an unlikely situation. Please, if you finally cant play TFT today, **do not blame or flame Riot cause they havent promised TFT will work today.** Said this, I really hope everything goes okay so we can play TFT today. **Wish the best for the Riot devs working on this!**
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