Thoughts on new Doran's ring effect and certain champions in top lane that used it.

So this is mainly going to be my obersavtions and opinions on top lane with the new doran's ring changes and how it effected certain champs. The main effect I'm going to be talking about is the removal of the passive effect; "gain x mana upon killing a unit." Now this effect was addressed by giving most mages a little bit more base mana and a small amount of mana regen. Perfectly fine changes. But certain top laners also used to run doran's ring starting item and now feel weaker because of it. Mainly they didn't receive this QOL buff. These being the following that I like to play. 1. Malphite 2. Nautilus 3. Maokai 4. Galio 5. Cho'gath (to a lesser degree because of passive, but don't want to **not** be inclusive ya know.) Now its not impossible to play these champs now, but playing them feels so much worse after the change. With their high mana costs and no way to reliably regain mana on last hitting minions you feel the need to go corrupting potion. Mainly malphite whom I love(d) to play. Now if I want to have any kind of presence in the game I feel the need to sacrifice my lane phase pressure to be barely passable in the mid to late game. I feel the need to conserve mana and never harass my lane opponent to save mana for ganks or if I get pushed under tower. The game just feel un-fun to play like that. I'm aware they are designed to be tanks and taking dorans shield can get you through the lane phase but not everyone wants to play full tank in the top lane. Going AP or hybrid tank/ap is so much harder now because you have no mana sustain in the early game without doran's ring. With the changes made to doran's ring, and these (maybe others too) champions not receiving the QOL buffs to mana regen like the traditional mages; it just feels too hard and not worth the effort to play them. Forcing them to receive an even smaller share of the percentage played. Which will lead to the eventual buff or rework down the line. So all in all, can the top lane champs that ran doran's ring top receive the same QOL buffs that mages received?
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