Riot please Remove Conqueror from Ranged Champs

Conq does NOT refresh on the following -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darius Bleed Ignite Liandry’s Torment Heimer Q (Basic Attack) Heimer RE (After the First Hit) Yorick Ghouls or Maiden Twitch W Twitch Poison Conq REFRESHES on the Following ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cassio Q Cassio W Singed Q Heimer Q (Beam) Heimer RQ Heimer RW Renekton R Twitch E Conq Procs on Targeted Item Actives such as ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BotRK Active Gunblade Active IMPORTANT NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conq applies one stack when multiple enemies are hit by Stattik Shiv Conq applies one stack PER enemy hit by a bolt from Runaan’s Hurricane (Max 3 stacks per Auto) AoE counts as one stack even if it hits multiple enemies Miss Fourtune’s “Love Tap” Procs a stack of Conqueror, meaning an auto on a new target Procs 2 stacks of Conqueror. A Double Tap on a target with Love Tap Procs 3, and a Double Tap on a target without Love Tap Procs 4 stacks INSTANTLY Miss Fountune can instantly proc Conqueror if she hits two people with the bolts from Runaans Hurricane Multiple Auto (Renek W, Yi Passive) counts stack per auto Multicast moves (Riven Q, Nunu Q) proc for every cast hit. Toggle Abilities only count as one, but do refresh Zed’s Ghosts individually can proc one stack of Conqueror, for a max of three per spell cast Zed R procs Conq Twice, first on the Auto attack after exiting stealth, the second on the Mark proc. Twitch R will proc one stack per enemy hit by bolts. This stacks additively with Runaan’s Hurricane The fact that damage passives Like Miss Fortune can proc this rune twice, and bolts from Runaan's and Twitch R can proc it three times, is a bit ridiculous. Not to mention Cassiopea refreshed the Conq on both her Poisons so her time needed to refresh conq is much longer than intended. Just make this a bruiser/juggernaut only rune and call it a day please.
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