Toxicity in pre-game chat

Hello... {{champion:32}} I had a hard time with a kid who insulted me all along during the pre-game chat, for literally nothing, honestly. It was painful for two reasons. First, I'm here to have a good time on the PBE, with **"positive"** people **"selected"** to test new features. Second, I **can't ** mute or report someone in the pre-game chat, I'm obliged to bear stupid insults regarding my mother instead of focusing on the pick/ban phase. In my case, someone dodged and I got queue again with the same boy who insulted me again. Just imagine how this can break my mood before the game start ? Just imagine how **good and easy** it can be to add features to report, mute and block the person you don't want to meet again. Please, Riot. This fucked up my evening.
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