Why are Riot shitting on enchanter supports so much?

Ezreal and Leona both have ~56% winrates and barely get anything done to them (wow 20 damage off Leona W xD) while Sona was sitting at a 52% winrate and gets the shit nerfed out of her for multiple patches in a row to the point where she barely has enough mana to do anything in lane as if she’s not designed to be a poke support or anything You can barley even notice her heal having any effect either especially for the mana cost, it’s pathetic Now the heal/shield power from *every single item which has it* is being nerfed- why are we being forced into building full AP in order to have any effect on the game? Champions like Alistar and Leona are ridiculously overtuned right now yet have hardly been touched, and making it so enchanters have to build expensive AP items to be able to have a shield last more than 0.2 seconds is really disappointing given enchanter supports suffered a lot from the Windspeaker’s removal + Aery nerfs and currrently aren’t even that meta anyway because of how ridiculously strong engage/tank supports are
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