Player Toxicity/Dodging/Throwing/Trolling

There are far too many people now on the PBE that troll every game they play because "they can", and because they think there are no consequences. Every time there is a new champion released into the game like right now (Pyke) it can take 20-30 mins to find a game because people are constantly dodging the game unless they get to play the new champ, this is incredibly disruptive, annoying and time consuming. So much of my time gets wasted waiting for games to start due to countless dodges in a row, and then once they do start its very uncommon for all 10 players to play the game until the end, someone almost always goes afk. If someone doesn't go afk they troll, int, throw the game and are incredibly toxic because they are playing on the PBE and think "its not live, it doesn't matter" this makes it incredibly more difficult to fulfill the purpose of the PBE as it is difficult to test and play new champs/items/builds ect when you can barely get a game to start and if you do there is trolling/toxicity/afkers. I also get a lot of people "holding us hostage in champ select" where they refuse to play properly/dodge the game unless they get a certain champ or role, for instance I have had instances of people getting 'Bot lane' and then saying they are the 2nd 'jungler', and unless you switch lanes with them you will insta lose the game because you are sharing jungle camps and your support will be 1v2 in lane, also in a number of games one of the teams just ARAM's and ruins the game. There should be more consequences and A LOT more bans on the PBE for players like this. It is completely defeating the purpose of the PBE and ultimately ruining the experience of the people who genuinely want to use the PBE to play test new things in the game before they hit live, so many people just use it as a way to use the new champs early and don't care what they have to do in order to play them. Would not be apposed to a huge purge of players like this or players who haven't used the PBE in a long time.

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