New Bloodthirster is a huge nerf (Also Crit Items)

Correct me if i'm wrong but a long sword cost 350 gold and provides 10 AD. I am therefore assuming 10 AD is equivalent to 350 gold therefore 1 AD is 35 gold. Bloodthirster's AD was reduced by 15 and its cost was reduced by 200 gold. 15 AD is equivalent to 525 gold therefore shouldn't Bloodthirster's cost be reduced by 525 gold instead of 200 gold? If the plan is to reduce Bloodthirster's Ad by 15 then the cost would have to be reduced by at least 500 gold for this item to be useful. Also based on the cost of brawlers glove, 10% crit chance is worth 400 gold therefore 5% crit chance is worth 200 gold. If the crit chance on PD, shiv etc are reduced by 5% then the cost of these items should be reduced by 200 gold instead if 100.
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