We're launching an experimental, PBE-only, modified version of Draft Pick!

Hey friends! We've been watching your feedback about Blind Pick being the default queue on PBE and totally understand the frustration you're expressing. In response to the feedback, we are testing out an experimental configuration of Draft Pick for PBE only that we think will be a good balance between our goals (making sure that we can test all our champion changes and content) and a good-feeling player experience (position assignment and the ability to adjust your runes to the competition). **The Deets** 1. We enabled "Draft Pick" in the client 2. You'll specify your position preferences like you normally would for Draft Pick 3. When you get into Champion Select, you'll notice two changes:      a. There is no pick intent phase      b. There are no bans 4. You'll complete draft picks as normal (using our new simultaneous draft pick configuration) We'll be monitoring now that we've deployed the change and we'd love your feedback. Does this feel like a good compromise to you guys? Are there any weird things we didn't anticipate? If needed, we may revert back to the standard Blind or Draft Pick configuration, but we'll update this post if we decide to do that. -Sap **Edit:** Just in case there's any confusion, I just want to reiterate that this is not a change that we're planning to take to any live environment. It's just for PBE.
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