[Client] [Lobby]: Feedback new Invite button position and practical idea for club invitations

** 1. Feedback for the new position for invitations (client – game – lobby):** The new positions with “+” is good and nice – the player gets better attention of this ---------------------------------------------------------- ** 2. ** @Developer team (dev corner): ** Non-friend club member invitations for the lobby:** This list (invite) may be to offer the opportunity ---> ** to invite non-friend club members ** <--- (who are not in the FL list) to the lobby. _See also_ _1.1. Game/Match invitations: Enable invitations through the member club list to games again (WITHOUT via the friend list )_ _( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion/VIEnT85y-client-clubs-riot-please-dont-forget-your-clubs ) _ **One way would be this:** **1.** Add the list objects from the club member list in this invite list (from the gamer all clubs – with the club names as title like “general” (one title per club)). **2. **Take all the member in this list under the clubs with the status green, blue (in game) and red (away) (to blue and red see below) or better remove all the member with status offline and mobile So and now the player should be invite also club members there no in his friend list (FL). OK - Member who are in the game (blue) can not be invited (with status red should be possible ) - but …. **3. Perfect:** Show the status of the club member (green, blue, red colour) and disable the invite with blue. **4. Perfect++ :** Show the status of the club member (green, blue, red) . And show the information at the blue status : which game and time. Now the player in the lobby can say: “OK he (the member) has been playing for 45 minutes – we can wait, he is almost done” or “ He (the member) started the game for 10 minutes ago - we do not need to wait” Note for 3. and 4. The sorting of the status and the elements (club members) should be considered in this case (20 .. 40 or more member online) It's just a thought …. but would be a possibility and it would be nice. And sorry for my english. Thanks and greetings flinxxx **PS: ** **Invite via name:** The status information (green, red, blue (perfect++: in game and time)) would be also nice for the invite via name E.g.”Player is not available” → playername in blue: in game (game typ + time) or with status symbol or some like this ; OK “inviteable” → playername in green and red or with status symbol or some like this

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