8.2 Jinx Changes - Diver and Assassin Player Feedback Appreciated as well as Feedback In General

Long post, I am sorry, bear with me, and also, all opinions are welcome! As someone who as been playing Jinx since Season 4 when the game finally worked on my laptop, I will acknowledge the nerfs she got in Season 5 at the time were fair but hurt. This current 8.2 buff on the PBE is a revert of the 5.10 nerf to her minigun and to be honest FEELS great in my opinion, like the Jinx of days of old. See currently one of the problems with Jinx is not that she is weak, but she does not have anything anymore that would make someone want to pick her over other hypercarries, as we saw at Worlds 2017, when despite being a meta of shields and peels and scaling, Jinx was never even considered by most teams. Sans AN but AN will always play Jinx at Worlds, it is their pocket pick. What I like about this revert then, is now it DOES give you a reason to pick Jinx in a meta that favors her at least. Sure, other hypercarries might have more in terms of self peel(Tristana) or mixed damage(Kog'Maw), but since this change is aimed at high ELO and Pro Play, in Competitive for example if those are banned, Jinx can be viable and scale well, and shove down objectives again. An identity if you will. That said let me try and be fair and unbiased in my feedback. I like the change, I hope it goes through, but there might be a need for follow up nerfs. It is very easy by the mid game, just after level 9 even, for Jinx's attack speed to be close to the 250% cap with the new runes like alacrity. This of course is dependent on being fed a bit too, but perhaps then the follow nerfs should be aimed at broadening her weakness, like reverting the Flame Chompers cooldown buff, or the more recent dash stopping buff, or nerfing her E period, so she can keep this identity back, while still be fair for divers and assassin to get on top and destroy a Jinx out of position, especially in the early game when she is still trying to scale. I know I am biased accidentally, but I feel like one of the reasons Jinx ended up in this spot was because her strengths her nerfed in Season 5 instead of opening up more counterplay with her weaknesses and so to avoid that, that is why my thinking is, nerf her by hitting that lack of self peel more, or her immobility, instead of the attack speed on what is suppose to be a DPS ADC. I think as long as people feel like playing against Jinx is fair, this buff will be fine, and to feel fair to play against, I am assuming that will involve feeling fair to melee divers and assassins. Maybe I am wrong and Divers and Assassins feel playing against Jinx is just fine though so feel free to comment with your feedback!
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