Morgana Gameplay Feedback

Henlo frens, Morgana should be out on the PBE today. Please go play her and tell us what you think. Would love some feedback on her spells and abilities. Am particularly interested in how you feel about the W change (more damage vs. low health targets, less damage vs high health). Do you want this? Does it make the W better? If you find any bugs please [report them here]( Planned changelist for Morgana: > **Stats** > Base MS: 335 >>> 330 > > **W** > Min DPS: 16-80 (+.22 AP) >>> 12-60 (+.16 AP) > Missing health amp: 50% >>> 170% > Max DPS: 24-120 (+.33 AP) >>> 32-162 (+.43 AP) > > **R** > New effect: Morgana gains 5/30/55% movement speed towards enemies she has tethered to.
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