Why RANKED/Flex should back to pbe.

Hello, If Ranked will back to pbe, players will play more pbe, if Flex back to pbe, players will enjoy more pbe, the different between Flex and Ranked: Flex can create a community, Ranked can make the player abuse playing the game, 5 Players as a team is not like 2 players as a team, you need to see the big point, if this happen, players will test more their main champions and with this, Rioters can see a various visions on a champion that they buffed/nerfed before the update in live, in the same page players will report more bugs about a champion, I know right now you asking why? because a ranked player will play MORE games than a casual player who want to just play one game for RP, not like now, most of players are going on PBE to just play one game to get the RP for the day, so now PBE is not a place where you can test, it is a place where you can just play one game to gain RP, I suggest that you can let Draft open for players who want Draft and open back the ranked or flex, Ranked/Flex are not competitive in PBE but you can have fun when you are playing to gain LP and moving the next division in the same page you are playing more than one game and here you are TESTING WITHOUT REALIZING, when you want to test a champion, you will not play only one game, you need to play more than one game, but you need a reason to play more than one game, it is not like when you play draft and you are playing and playing in the same circle, it getting boring, I find the mod Ranked/Flex more fun when it come to test a champion, testing or trying hard is not something important why? because it is pbe and Riot want someone to test that is why it called PBE. The point is when you play for LP to move to the next division is more fun. Answers to all the questions that you have in mind. No much players on PBE: Ranked/Flex was open early this year, so many people was enjoying it. Riot stopped testing ranked for now: It is not about Riot that stopped testing Ranked, it is because ranked/flex will let players playing more games than usually and it is more fun. Ranked/Flex on PBE is less boring than Draft when it come to test a champion. Testing a champion require more than one game, to play more than one game you need a motivation, gaining LP is a big motivation to play more than one game. Ranked/Flex will create a toxic community: No, you are playing on pbe, you will try to gain LP, but those LP are not competitive, so in the same page you want to win so badly and you are testing, so you are trying to win, not like now, players are going on pbe to just buy skins and play one game to gain RP, they dont care about testing or trying hard, they just want the 3000 RP, lately I'm seeing some players they just afk in the base etc and when you ask them why: they say: I'm just playing for the RP. Any questions, comment on ! Thank you I'm sorry about my English. Vote up if you are in the same page.
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