Ryze changes

Please don't butcher the character like this. His combos are fun to play with and require thinking, whether or not to do damage or get survivability and movespeed. Picking a combo takes thought, spamming your spells does not. This removes most of the fun from the character, simply removing the combos. I would be open to testing and playing with a slow instead of a root, or the spell flux bouncing around, or the rethinking of the ult and scaling his Qs differently or what have you. Removing the combos does not make for an interesting character and it's just putting him further back into what he used to be, just a keyboard masher. Sure, it makes for an easier champion to pick up and play, but there's no fun in the combos anymore, it's just damage. That's probably not the way to go with him, even though he's one of the hardest characters to play right now. I strongly dislike this change, and it doesn't look like anyone else likes the change either, at least from youtube comments. As a more or less casual ryze player with around 120k mastery points on him, I really don't want him going in this direction. Removing the combos is not the way to go in my opinion. Push this further back for more testing hopefully, get more feedback on this. It seems rushed.
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