Beemo Buzzing Past PB(ee)E You may have noticed that **Beemo** buzzed right past the PBE and straight onto the Rift today. We’ve wanted to test launching a skin without going to PBE to test our tech capabilities around launching content. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities of direct launches like this, as it will allow us to create more surprises in the future. If **Beemo** hasn’t launched on your server yet, here are the Regional release times (note it can take up to an hour for it to show up in client): **May 1st ** Noon: OCE 1 PM PT: JP 2 PM PT: KR 4 PM PT: RU 6 PM PT: EUNE 7 PM PT: TR 9 PM PT: EUW Midnight: Latin America South **May 2nd** 1 AM PT: BR 2 AM PT Latin America North 3 AM PT NA Noon PT: Indonesia, Philippines 1 PM PT Vietnam 2 PM PT Singapore/Malaysia 3 PM PT: Thailand 4 PM PT: Taiwan
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