The Irelia's Rework Problem

I have read many comments saying that Irelia is weak (usually when they build AD) or broken (when AP). After playing Irelia a lot of games, I have reached these conclusions. Indeed, now Irelia has great potential AP. She has incredible AP ratios and it is certainly worth to build her as an AP assassin than any other build. I personally have no problem if Riot wants to change the concep and direction of Irelia from "ad fighter off-tank" to "ap assassin", due to the fact her damage conceptually can be AD (because she uses blades) or AP (for her mind control). However, this change offers two problems: * Not everyone likes it, people miss the old Irelia, with her tankness and bruiser build. * Her passive has no connection to the rest of Irelia's kit. This second point is a comment that I have read a lots as well. And I understand, because if the best way to use Irelia as she is right now is with AP burst damage, she has no chance to use her aa several times. My final conclusion to fix this (speaking from the ignorance of a simple player) would be to get down her ap ratios (to simply allow hybrid builds, or risky full AP builds) and to increase her AD ratios (or to add ones to E and R), in addition to adjusting her base statistics and make it a bit more tank (if she has to spend time using her auto-attacks, she needs to hold on in the fight), in exchange for having longer cooldowns in W and E. Thank you for reading my post. I really love this new Irelia and I want to help as much as possible.
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