This change literaly makes no sense! (New content now costs only RP)

In the last two patches (9.14 and 9.15) all the new content released to the PBE for "testing" would cost only their respective RP amount instead of their respective RP amount or 1 BE. Thus the only way to get the new content is by saving up RP from the mission. This change doesn't benefit testing AT ALL as now the only reason we get RP is just to save it up to buy the new content? Why? That's just stupid. Instead the RP mission should be made to give more than the low amount of 3000RP or just remove the mission and make it so new content costs 1 BE instead. This only makes testing of the new content slower with people having to save 6-7 days of 3000 daily RP just to test all the new content each patch and ultimately is really doesn't to ANY good. Any comments for criticizing of this post are welcome!
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