Parties Live on PBE!

Hi everyone! Back when we announced the 2016 Season Update, we shared early plans to introduce parties to League, and it’s time to start testing on PBE! Parties simplify the way small groups of friends stick together between games. This first test rolls out some foundational features, and we’ll continue building out how parties work and what they can do for you. During this test on PBE, one player hosts a party, inviting friends to a group chat that persists through games (but not login sessions). With a party assembled, the party leader goes through the normal flow of starting a game and then every player in the party queues up together. After the game parties stick together, keep their group chat, and can easily queue into game all over again (whether you want to play Summoner’s Rift again or swap into ARAM or Twisted Treeline). We’ve encountered a few more technical constraints than we initially accounted for, and this first test on the PBE may have some bumps along the way--in fact, based on the results of this iteration, we may have to change our approach to Parties entirely. Likewise, we may be enabling/disabling Parties at different times throughout the test based on performance. Please let us know any bugs you encounter or any other feedback you have about Parties on PBE. Thanks for helping test the new feature, and we’ll see you (and your party) on the Rift! Limely :3
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