Often times in champion select, we run into players who refuse to play by the rules of league of legends and show a blatant disrespect for all players as a whole. Let me give you a few examples... Players who are fifth pick and demand mid lane even though a mid laner has already been picked and they refuse to play any other role. Players who curse and throw racial/gay slurs in chat during champ select. Players who harass others and threaten to feed unless given the role they desire. All league players have run into THAT GUY who 5th pick locks in ADC because he mains it even though you already have a jinx on your team. This FORCES good and honorable players dodge games (and therefore loose LP) or else resulting in an almost assured loss. The issue is that those players who cause this CANCEROUS, DELETERIOUS, and SHAMEFUL behavior feel NO REPROCUSSIONS for being a total asshole in champion select. There needs to be a way to punish these players for their terrible, fun killing, actions. Currently players are forced to simply dodge games because of one toxic member of their team. The toxic player gets to freely que up again and repeat the process. Those that were forced to dodge due to his toxic and unsportsmanlike behavior have NO ABILITY to report his actions. I feel like riot needs to come up with a way to give players the opportunity to report the heinous actions of these few bad apples. This can come by some sort of report feature that does not require playing a whole game with said person. Either a way to report those in champ select or a way to report people besides at the end of the game. This is a serious issue that many players face and needs to be solved. Thank you, Night
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