Kayle's Attack Speed Changes

When Kayle's changes first went through, her passive attack speed was lowered from 10% to 6% but her attack speed per level went from [.625 + 1.5% per lvl] to [.667 + 2.5% per lvl]. Because of this change her auto attacks did not feel at all any different and she still played like she always did. But on 8/15, her attack speed per level was reverted back to [.625 + 1.5% per lvl] and was replaced with a AD ratio buff to her E passive damage, 120% tAD to 150% tAD. This change did not make her feel good. Her attack speed is way to low now and it feels like it takes forever to deal any damage. I feel forced into taking Lethal Tempo as my only rune, like how on live it's Klepto, and or building strictly attack speed items now, just to get her auto's out. Before this very recent change, I felt able to take almost any rune on her and build a variety of different items ranging from crit, AD and or AP. Her main source of damage depends on her auto attacks which relies upon her attack speed, but right now it does not feel good. The AD ratio buff doesn't feel like it does anything and I don't think she needed it buffed to begin with. I would really like for this alteration to her changes to go back. Take away the 120% tAD to 150% tAD on her E's passive and give back the [.667 + 2.5% per lvl]. If we cannot have her attack speed per level back, could we at least bring her passives attack speed back up to 10% for compensation? Keeping her passive attack speed lowered and her per level atk speed lowered is causing a poor feeling in playing her. Giving her either the [.667 + 2.5% per lvl] OR the 10% passive attack speed would benefit her in the long run.
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