I want to help improve the HUD!

As a gamer who've played several MoBA's in the 3 and a half years I've been into the genre this new HUD is honestly the worst HUD I've ever used. I love League and I want the game to improve in every single aspect possible and after discussing with all my other friend who play League they all feel the same way I do. I'm okay with change and all but the hardcore minimalist idea is not okay with me for League. Having all the extra details above the minimap is a wonderful idea and I welcome that change, but what needs attention is the availability to customize the HUD. Having an option that would by default display your basic stats instead of having to hit the hotkey or click on it would be a reasonable suggestion that shouldn't be difficult to accomplish. Now here is where the fun stuff comes in. League has a gigantic community that caters to all types of players, if you guys would not be willing to offer a fully customizable HUD like the example provided in second image It would be wise to offer some different types of HUD presets that summoners would be able to choose from. To gamers who are accustomed to the typical Bulky LMR (Left Middle Right) HUD such as Smite, Infinite Crisis, and Dota 2 players the current League HUD leaves nothing to complain about honestly. To gamers who are accustomed to the more so minimalist HUD such as more so casual MoBA's like Heroes of the Storm and Gigantic the HUD would feel little different than the usual. I feel like the player should have an individual option on what kind of theme they personally desire. For me personally I'm more accustomed to the Bulky LMR HUD and I would enjoy the option to chose the theme of my HUD if I don't find that it does the job that it should. Riot has an abundance of resources to make this happen if they honestly want it to.
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