ARURF: The Yuumi Dilemma

Hey everyone, ARURF is back and you all know that means. Dodging, AFKs, inting, quitting and worst of all: Yuumi. The main issue with Yuumi in URF: Her heals and shields are just out of the park. I saw a Yuumi attached to a Xayah not too long ago, Xayah was at maybe 1/4 hp, had been ignited, had grievous wounds still ticking over her head. Out of nowhere, she's instantaneously back to 100% health. Why? Because Yuumi pressed E. It wouldn't be so bad if Yuumi had to wait more than 3 seconds to do this. But the fact remains that her healing is absolutely ridiculous when coupled with the fact that she is completely untargetable until her anchor dies. At max E rank, her healing is doing 230 + 30% of her AP. Couple this with items like Ardent Censer, Redemption, Mikael's and then extremely high AP items, she's healing for an incredible amount. **_And spamming it every few seconds._** Riot previously permanently banned Teemo from URF for the longest time because his mushrooms were "overpowered," yet you could still use sweeper or oracle lens and pink wards to detect them. Now we have an untargetable support who can nigh-instantly jump to anchor onto any of her teammates, she can heal them, give them bonus attack and movement speed while slowing you and rooting you. There's no counterplay to her in URF, you can CC, ignite, hit with morello's/executioner's and even silence, but it doesn't affect Yuumi and she's still able to use all of her abilities. I bring this up because after seeing her in more than 10 games now, I know now why half my team leaves right at the beginning and never returns.
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