I actually like this URF a lot.

With all the hate going around I'm sure there has to be some people who actually like this iteration, right? Is there just a vocal minority on the boards or does everyone really hate this URF? I wish there were a few more champs in the pool just for some more diversity, but I'm really glad they got rid of a lot of the instant win champs like Fiora, Jayce, Zed, Azir, Alistar, Garen, Master Yi, Vlad, and Xerath. Nothing felt worse than having to play against those champs when you get someone you like, because you know it's gonna be a loss anyways. Pretty much the only reason I had to take breaks so often with regular URF or ARURF is because I got tired of playing against OP champs every game. I also really like the snowball. You can use it as a sudo TP to get back to lane, run down other champs, or use it to escape infinite cc champs like Maokai. The only thing I want is the option to swap flash for ghost on champions like Singed, Quinn, or Rammus. I don't know if Riot could build a system in time to lock the snowball but give you a choice of the other summoner, but that would be really cool if they could. So enough with the "Sanjuro the guy who limited the champion pool." Riot actually did a pretty good job with this one.
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