A.U.R.F Fix: A Helping Hand and Sylas Thoughts.

As we have have seen, the game being featured at the moment is A.U.R.F. and when playing I've noticed a couple of things. A.U.R.F is nothing like normal game play. The selection pool of the preferred characters are quite literally smaller than 30 picks (which is why everyone rerolls) and that is only because these champions are constantly powerful throughout the entire game or they have an ability that doesn't have a cooldown so they can spam the recast. If juggernauts like Garen for example, can constantly carry out a 1v2 all game without being shut down by those exact 2 players, then that is quite frankly 100% oppressive. So if you're interested in just specifics I'll be labeling each and every individual one that could benefit the game feature's game-play as a whole. The A.U.R.F Cannon: Moving on. let's be honest, the blast cannon was a great improvement to the game, but because of the addon it took away a core fundamental. That fundamental is recall time. You can't play the lane smart or aggressive because of it. If you ended up dying at level 1-8, you have the opportunity to resurrect and cannon to lane faster than the ability for one to recall to "claim your lost booty, arrrgh". The simple fix to this is to decrease the recall time to 4 seconds instead of 8. Additionally, when you use the cannon to get back to lane, it shows the enemy where you're going to land and quite frankly sets you up for death unless you aim at a safe or unseen spot. But that isn't the only cause of problems. Now I'm sceptical about these being bugs, but apparently you can be damaged and also cause damage in air as you are being catapulted over your enemies. The example of dealing damage is having Singed's q active as you cannon over/further a couple of enemy waves. This can also apply when you own bambi's cinder, but through experience that is all I can properly claim. The examples of being damaged in air are from actives and abilities like of a Yasuo's q tornado, brand's E, the active from B.O.R.K per say, and somehow Liandry's Torment. I don't know how it happened, but it did and having a midair death is hilarious. Teleport: On the end of that note, we will bring up the matter of teleport being disabled. I know, the cannon is a possible reason behind Teleport's disappearance. That being said, it still holds no validity to being disabled. Teleport isn't used just to get into lane. It is also to interfere with objectives and or force a possible lose-lose decision against the enemy. The cannon only shoots you just a little bit further past the river, but teleport gives you the advantage of taking a tower or to compete for Dragon. All I'm saying here is that it needs to come back. It is too valuable (just like flash) to be stripped from this game mode, especially since some champions rely on this summoner spell. Items: It brings to my attention that there are still some characters on URF's roster that suck primarily due to what these characters rely on when buying. It is a simple issue and a simple fix. I know people would ask, "But why would you even?" just because of it being URF and before I tell you what the Item is in particular- let me just say that a Champion's strength, power, and spike is primarily due to it's items- not just because you can spam such abilities. The item I'm going to bring up is Tear. And product that builds up MANA, is a basic loss for your team. The first reason is because the quick charge doesn't exist. The second and only other reason is because, even if it were "quick recharge" it still wouldn't stack fast enough due to Tear's 3 Second cooldown reset and the infamous "I'm not going to stack even if the reset cooldown timer says 0.00". Issues about the timed reset timer also includes the items which build into sheen. This is urf guys. These items not powerful enough to 1 shot anyone, much less to give any damage when building onto them in the first place. So why should I do less damage solely because tear doesn't let me spike like everyone else? So then why are these relatively useless items within this game mode, so repressed? Gets me. As Ezreal, you need that sheen prock and 2% damage increase because any other item doesn't grant enough impact for your abilities and going AP just means that standing towers are the only reason why you're playing. ... yes that was a crank on Ezreal. Though, it isn't just Ezreal who relies on these procks and stacks. A couple of magic users like Ekko for example, can do a lot of burst damage if built purely AP, but still lacks damage by comparison if you had no cooldown for sheen prock or when tear is built. When you finally fully build full stacks, its already too late. Just remove the prock reset timer for these particular items guys. That's all there is to it. Simple and sweet. "HEY LOOK!!! They're FINALLY VALID!" Marksmen: I know I know... Marksmen are one of those "artificially contrived" picks who are either absurdly powerful when built incorrectly/differently or just don't quite have the opportunity to add color to your screen (Meaning that you're always easily killed). And here's the problem. Unless you are a champion who has its own ability to run like hell, the crowd control doesn't allow enough time for you to escape due to free lunges or dashes or some other form of fast movement. The sheer fact that most marksmen are built to have less movement (even with celerity) than every other role, raises the question as to why the champion pool consists of these characters in the first place. It is not fun for anyone to be constantly "1 tapped" especially when you bought a bunch of sustain and defensive items to play safe and as the role of a marksmen. To make matters worse, they took away the cost effectiveness of any Zeal built item since you can reach 2.50 attack speed at level 12 with only boots. So why would you buy B.O.R.K.? Specifically for the passive and or active just like with every other item you buy for marksmen, but never the crit items besides Storm Razor unless you're Jinx. You'll most definitely require runaan's, if you're jinx. This would also bring up a serious point on the matter as well. Scaling. Specifically those who rely on critical damage. They're screwed 100%. That's why you see Jinx build Lethality early game. Back to the point, Crit users are late game champions and would ultimately do the most damage, right? True, but this is A.U.R.F and therefore incorrect. Once late game finally arrives your overall damage drastically goes down due to defences, sustain healing and %HP as well as your survivability becoming beyond useless. I'm not saying that items like BORK and or Bloodthirster don't grant you survivability later in the game. It is the burst damage everyone else is able to output your entire health bar by comparison; Even the burst mages have the ability to 1 shot you with far better safe zones. So what is the point of playing a high risk- high reward marksmen, if the only reward is that you can't get ahead all game? All I am saying here is that there are simple answers when fixing this problem. Whether or not you chose them, is all under your thumb. So the choices to fix it here are: The allowed the use of Nexus blitz items- for every champion. Disable specific champs from the random selection roster. Allow marksmen increased (fleeing) movement when CC hits champions. Increase movement gained from crit. Increase the damage crit items put out later in the game. OR ENABLE a permanent alternative version of LETHAL TEMPO- that just allows you to utilize attack speed past the 2.50 barrier. Yes.. I said it... Lethal tempo although presumed to be busted will only hinder the marksmen if someone gets smart and buys a thornmail or some bleeding item. Most of the playerbase used ignite anyways. So for this option to be allowed, it gives playing these particular roles as a character a much more appreciative stance for the use thereof. Brand New Champions: Simple enough, all I need to say are 3 things. Sylas = Neeko. Now I'm not saying since these champions are new, they don't deserve to be played within the game because, let's be honest they still require a lot of tweaking- especially for AURF. But maybe for the time being when you launch this game mode, you remove them from the selection roster. That's right, bench them. Just like for every other reason why you would bench a champion, these in particular don't have "the right stuff". Neeko can't spam enough to feel valid in AURF and Sylas is... abundantly busted. Safe to say, if you decrease the CDR cast time for Neeko, she's primed and ready. Nothing else requires a change. Though, that is the only positive note about new champions. Sylas is really powerful. His Q as a full damage proc can do an accumulation to about 3K dmg from one ability. Now imagine that being spammable under the 1 (in-game) second of a cooldown. Then, his freedom to pounce onto his target like Illaoi's e. It works so well, you might as well view it as another kind of dash because that's exactly what his e also allows him to do. His e is a dual form of Crowd control. He can get on top of anyone and deal enough free damage with his e before you have the opportunity to trade. When utilized correctly, the end result is always the same. You die and his shield stops you from getting out any all forms of sufficient damage to trade with- even under tower. Overall, his R's damage comes out nice- no argument there, but It is also very boring/bland/stupid. In fact, it isn't unique at all. It is usually something that you would find at the bottom of the barrel. We've seen countless new abilities, and Sylas shouldn't be your reason to stop now. Now way should pass this. The opportunity to close this demonic realm still exists. If you do, you might as well no longer go by the motive of making each and every individual Champion unique. League has over 100 choices and yet, you want us to remember how each and every one of these character's ultimate function? No. I mean, don't get me wrong. It is nice to work one's memory and flex their peak. Yes it is noticeable and great to define each and every one's uniqueness as well as their individuality. With that being said, to define a character by their main copying mechanism for gameplay is to say that this inspired idea was because of Neeko's creation. Personally, I had the idea 5 years before Sylas was created- in fact the original idea was to have ultimates (even from teammates) stored within individual keys as your Ultimate was his only original ability without a cool down. With that being said, I gave him many, many weaknesses to balance out his broken abilities. In my notes I had examples like: having the same cool down timer as his opponent or massively reduce the damage to overall inquiry a balanced laning phase. Making it so he has no abilities at level 1, but at level 2 forcing him roam around the map, but freely earning a passive which gives him the option to also poorly imitate your teammate's ultimate. At the time, I thought having a MANA bar was stupid. And Boy. I was so right. EVERYONE UTILIZES the abilities without having to rely on, "oh I need to regenerate mana" that just wastes game play time, money, programing, items and so forth. Feel free to steal these ideas as the ones you have for Sylas makes him feel like... less of a champion. Back to Sylas, I'm purposely ignoring his passive. It is beyond busted. The fact that you can have 7 AOE auto attack resets that do both ap, ad and true damage is almost like the creators gave up on utilizing his chains correctly, much less at all. His second e is just as bad as his passive. Chains that big don't work like how Thresh's chained hook does ONLY because it has a hook. Please change these things. I'll even recommend some ideas. I mean hey, you know how much cooler it would be if Sylas could passively attack special parts of terrain and use his e to throw around the rubble? What about that? This character is just awful, repugnant, boring, and most of all stupidly busted. Overall, what are your takes on these subjects? I love this mode and I don't see why people would actually choose to stop playing league just because they had a singular or multiple salty games. It is a 50/50 win/lose game mode that give you better or worse of a selection due to wins and losses. And like every game that comes out, bugs just happen to exist. I love AURF more than I happen to enjoy League's Normal games, but that never stopped me from playing in general. I can't wait to see what you are going to expand upon in the future and I hope my existence can help aid League's future. -I'm proud to be a part of League's PBE community. "Where ideas implement first."
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