Thoughts on new game mode

I just love the new game mode overall but there are a few things I just want to point out and say for the game mode. 1. The maps design (not the lay out) looks weird and not at all like summoners rift. 2. The Fog of War visuals for bushes doesn't stand out enough. 3. A Vision Plant near the top right is placed to close to a wall and I think should be moved a little bit further from it. 4. Make the Jungle camps spawn faster or add a way to motivate players to do 2v2's in the jungle more often. Now just some Champions you should play test in this to see if there OP. 1. Mundo A. the Health boosting Items are SUPER good on him and I think you should try them out on him. 2. Skarner A. He's really fun in this but I'm not sure if it's super healthy game play with spectral cutlass although I enjoy it so maybe keep it. 3. Kennen A. Try him with Wriggle's Lantern and a Hybrid build. (I'm not sure if I want to point this one out because I would like to abuse it for a little while XD) I like this game mode A LOT and I would not mind if you nerfed how some champions worked with specific items instead of nerfing the item as a whole and ruining it for everyone. This is a for fun game mode so making unfair nerfs to specific champions should be ok since it's to improve the overall game play without ruining one thing for everyone. Great game mode 10/10 it's great to play (now please just make it look as good to play XD) PS: Just thought about this what if you changed the overall design to look different from summoners rift? Maybe make it look like Magma Chamber instead of the usual summoners rift so people wouldn't be in a summoners rift mentality when they jump in it. I know Magma Chamber was a shutdown game mode before but maybe do this to add a happy ending to this sad game modes story.

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