Ahri nerf ultimate

Hello .. Good evening. I did not quite understand the "nerf" in champion Ahri, in his supreme ability, _Spirit Rush (R) cooldown increased from 110/95/80 to 130/105/80_. Why increase your supreme skill time, your winning rate is considered normal between 52% / 52.5%, but I still do not understand nerf a champion that has an "Early Game" weak mean to "ridiculous.". {{champion:238}} The supreme of Zed has the same recharge times, but it kills any fragile champion or even tanks, Ahri does not kill tanks even with strong items. It's not because I'm main Ahri, I'm crying but it's because this nerf is unfair to the champion knowing that there are other champions who need nerfs like {{champion:105}} Fizz, Akali (This stupid can not play against), {{champion:157}} Yasuo (Late Game absurd) etc.{{champion:84}}. So RIOT see well, the champion already has weak early game, nerfar plus your only way to engage is a wrong choice. Just to see the different forums around the world of LOL, inumerous players, requesting Zed's balance and Akali urgently, then you play Ahri a champion who is ok and not overpower or too weak. There are other champions who need RIOT attention. Sorry for the errors my english is bad.
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