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**I couldn't find the Sylas thread, so I will post here until someone can point me in the correct direction.** Feedback: Passive - Perfect and simple. I like it. Rewards patient players who know how to weave in aas with abilities. (Like {{champion:21}} and {{champion:55}} sort of thing). Q - Probably the nicest part of his kit. I have no beef with this. W - NO RIOT. This is overtuned way too much. That heal needs to be lowered. Seriously. LOWER THE HEAL. That thing is stupid. Either lower the base heal or lower the AP ratio. I just don't see why having a 500 base heal plus X ap ratio is a smart thing. Also because this thing is point and click and does so much for him like healing and executing his enemy. Personally, I think Sylas should stick with the theme of aiming to slay the king with this ability. So... no heal at all. Just remove it. The ability should focus on executing people, not sustaining himself. He isn't a vampire. E - No, he already has a heal. I don't see why he needs to self support so much. He has a team behind him. I get that the shield is there to help shield from damage as he charges into battle, but... once he gets there he just Ws and heals so much. Also, this ability already makes him super nimble with a lower CD. He can keep the shield if the W heal is removed or lowered drastically. Don't just leave this dude with two overly tune protection abilities. R - Eh, it works out just fine early on because everyone doesn't have much CDR in the early game so the 200% modifier hits him hard if/when he steals ultimates. However, I do not think he deserves to hold it for nearly 45-60 seconds. That seems sort of stupid if you as me. I really don't understand the conversion here. I understand that AD becomes AP ratios, but the whole AD to AP and AP to AD thing is weird.
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