Let's Talk about changings.

I'll try to be reasonable here, since I'm really pissed off with the current state of the game. I've been playing League for quite sometime and I Always had the thought that I could achieve greatness through hard work and competence. I Always thought that sometime I'd be rewarded for my efforts. And I played last season learning, practicing over and over, trying champions, jungle routes and so on... I ended up so close to get to Gold, but well... I was improving, even thought I did not achieve my goal, I saw I REAL improvement. Then this year I started my journey again, to became even better than last year, and even thought I was placed in a tier far below my last one (what made me mad), I started climbing again and began feeling confidente... Till few patches ago. I don't know if any Rioter will read this, (I'm talking about this here because at my region - BR - not any Riot gives a damm about the community, and seriously, they don't talk to us, not even care) but if you do, just know that I'm REALLY upset with this game. Well, changes came. Riot's mind changed, the phillosophy somehow changed (something I think began a while before the pre season), the game itself changed, and well, as Kha'zix (my favorite, rest in peace) usually says "Change is good". And yeah, changing is good. But changing all the time brings caos, and caos disruption, and disruption brings panic. The feeling of weakness, the feeling of not knowing what to do. I feel I can't trust my skills. My knowledge about the game. It changed, and it's not good. It changed so much, so many times that I don't feel this is the same game I used to play, and maybe it is not. I played several hours per day, my favorites champions and all of this is garbage. The effort and the time I put in the game are all worthless. And I fell Riot don't care at all about this. Because We keep saying, keep complaining about this annoyng situation but things don't get back to what it was BEFORE all this changing. I quit PBE, and soon I'll quit LoL at all, because is not funny, and all my effort is being worthless. Riot is telling me that they don't care about what I play, what I do, what I care about the game. They are telling me they don't care about the game at all, that they don't care about the players at all. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. I just feel very frustrated with all this shit. And I really hope all this to blow up. LoL used to be a funny game when it was a game for the players at the first place.
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