ARURF - Ivern Needs to be Looked at

Normally I am not the type of person to sit on the forums, and complain/moan about specific champions being overly OP in this game mode because lets face it, a lot of champions are OP against certain comps. This might be an exception, I have never in my 8 years of playing this game, seen my entire life. Ivern has over 23,000 shielding at 19 minutes. His shield was so strong, that it took all of my Leona abilities, heimer's W ability empowered by his ultimate and lux E + R combo to kill sivir. THAT Is how powerful this iverns shield was, even in lane it was Heimer and myself against Ivern + Sivir, and there was times where Sivirs health didnt even drop because Iverns shield was so strong. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE adjust Iverns shield in this game. It is WAAAAY too strong, more OP than AP Lee Sin going shield build, and thats saying a lot. [Screenshot]( to show his shielding...also, this Ivern had over 1000AP by the end of the game and only had Ardent Sensor, he had no other runes to buff his shield nor did he have a Summon Aery to help with shielding. Either adjust the CD (he was recasting shield twice before hit exploded and we could pop it) or severely nerf the AP ratios. Edit: 8:24pm -[Next game had another Ivern and yet again](, another OP Shield game..please nerf. This ivern only had 2 RoAs and Twin shadows....Please hot fix this OP Madness...
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