[PSA] about ZOE being disabled and people crying "How much time it takes to fix a bug"

Three things I'd say 1) they had that for testing, and I guess they disabled it, it's just about removing a couple of function/statements from the code, considered it fixed 2) They are not releasing her today because a) they were going to release it on tuesday, remember? b) they are probably sleeping, it's Midnight in NA, they will do it in morning, enjoy new champ on right time as TBDed 3) it's like, they don't want to release update for every bug found, there are tons more bugs as reported in forum, so they will fix all, and then with new patch, champ enabled, bugs fixed, you test, and report back releasing new patch every hour, makes it hard to document, provide changelog, they are not AFK, they are fixing, and not only fixing your own personal Issue, they are going to release patch for all the fixes, BUT NOT IN MIDNIGHT https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=HYYBWoPqFobpvgTRspP4Cg&q=time%3Achicago&oq=time%3Achicago&gs_l=psy-ab.3...536.6541.0.7149.
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