Is Custom Urf gonna come back?

Since there is apparently no custom URF this time around either, I hope someone at Riot can come out and give some updated info towards the matter. Everyone wants the old Urf back instead of this arguably disappointing snow battle arurf, but it seems riot never listens. Ok, sure, if you want to keep arurf, keep it. But give us custom urf back, where we get to ban and pick our favourite champions. That way, those who like arurf gets to play it and those who love the old urf better have their dreams come true, too. It will please both sides of the community. I understand why urf was changed into arurf, but the absence of custom urf games eversince the introduction of RGM always bothered me. There have been many Riot posts throughout the years explaining their inability to bring custom RGM back. I believed Riot at first, I believed that they will bring it back in time. But my doubts are rising after apparent lack of progress on the matter. I sincerely suggest you guys work on getting custom rotating game modes back asap.
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