Azir Range Changes: Pls Stop Killing This Champ

Azir might as well be an on hit adc now with his soldier range change; in fact im almost sure its more efficient to play him like that now thanks to his passive W attack speed. This is completely the wrong way to go about this when you look at this change in comparison to his biggest rival atm in pro play, Corki, who got his ad per lvl reduced and starting ad bumped down a bit too. Keep, (or increase tehe) his range and target what really makes him a good pick if he is THAT oppressive in pro play (he isn't really oppressive just safe) and nerf his E cooldown or have the EQ combo be shorter ranged but you might as well buff/nerf him if you're going to decrease his power he feels so bad to play in solo queue pls lmk what you think

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