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{{summoner:14}} {{champion:84}} {{summoner:14}} Dear Riot Team, I do hope you take a moment to read and consider what I have to say, for it is coming from a long time player, fan, and advocate of this game! I do love League of Legends and in general I believe you all do a rocking job managing things! Little slip ups here and there but it always ends up leading to improvement and correction of said mistakes. That said, as a fan of this game and specifically Akali, I have to say what you are doing to her doesn't makes sense and borderline evokes rage. Let me first address people's problem with Akali! I get that she gets a lot of hate for being too strong but she should! Assassins should always have some group of players hating them for being too strong! They are supposed to be! It is the whole design of an assassin to come in and absolutely destroy an enemy champion. Should there be counter play? Yes! Should there be counter play to the counter play? Also yes! Lets take a moment and bring up Kha'zix. He, if he gets a few kills, can be a real nightmare for enemy glass cannons. There is some counter play to this tho: don't roam alone so he doesn't get his passive buff against you. Stick with someone who has good cc! He is much less scary if you can lock him down from jumping on you. And of course, ward up. Each assassin has some form of counter play to stop them, the most fun assassins have counter play to the counter play which should and usually does require even more skill! For example, if that team did group up, "buddy system" and started to use better warding, really saved their cc for Kha'Zix, then he can work harder to counter that too. Clear vision! Go where you know they have none... Use your jump to dodge cc instead of engaging them then follow with a more risky engage with your invisible ult. Get your team to bait them into a fight and use your jumps and invisibility to sneak behind them so you get that solo damage bonus to the back line carry. Etc. The best assassins have counter play to counter play and always do crazy high damage! Again,,, that's the point of an assassin. To expand, part of being an assassin is having some sort of engage and/or disengage to deal that high damage to the priority target (though it should be at a high risk that can be lessened with skill). Lets take the king assassin himself Zed for example! A good Zed can engage with his shadow and ult the priority target. Then he would need to deal some more damage before his ult's effect hits bursting the carry down to an early grave. And if he has done it well he should have enough to to reactivate his shadow or ult shadow to escape. (Engages in. Damage Carry. Escape out) = the most basic equation of an assassin. I use the word basic intentionally because it doesn't mean easy. Basic yes, but it is a hell of a task! This Riot is where you have failed Akali! The thrill of an assassin is challenge! They are the role, the champions, the players who have the highest risk for the greatest reward! Its okay that Zed's ult "can" do crazy damage because he must put himself in great danger to get that damage! You have continually changed Akali's abilities and nerfed her damage because she is "too strong" when that isn't what needs to be addressed. Don't go nerfing an assassin to the grave because they "do too much damage" (they are supposed to do too much damage!) Rather if you want to make the right kind of change, you need to make changes that up the risk for the assassin players. If you up the risk you get that "nerf" that the sqooshy mages and adcs are looking for but you don't betray the assassin mains at the same time. All you do instead is up the challenge! WHICH IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR!!! So to just hit my point home: take Zed for example again. If people are complaining that he is too strong, don't just slap a damage nerf on his ult and call it a day. In fact! Id argue, don't touch his damage at all! Look at other changes like: lessening the time he has to call back to his shadows meaning he has to kill the target faster or he will get stuck in the middle of the enemy team and defiantly die for it. OR make the time he disappears less time when he ults! Less escape and more time for enemies to cc him. This allows for better gameplay in games. With changes like these an Assassin can still do his job. He can still dive the enemy team and kill the carry. It will just cost him more if he doesn't have the skill to do it perfectly and that's what you want. This way an assassin doesn't get so fed that he can dive and kill anyone he wants and get out scott free anytime BUT ALSO he can still dive and kill the super fed adc for his team so they have a chance but it just might cost him his life too. The ADC and MAGES get their wish of a less insane unstoppable assassin. He can be stopped... just at a cost. And the ASSASSINS get to still do their jobs and get to rise to the challenge and joy of what that role is supposed to be about. All this to say, your continual nerfing of Akali has been the wrong type of nerfing! To give you perspective of what you have done to her right now: Akali's Ult at MAX damage for the execute deals 250 damage before adding the ap bonus. Let me reiterate that she only gets to this IF she has brought them very low already! Lux however deals 300 base damage before adding bonus ap and she doesnt have to: 1) deal any damage to get them low to do that much damage 2) can stay safe away to dish out that damage instead of running into the fray 3) has an ult that has greater potential for hit multiple champions at one time 4) has an ult that can be cast at any time (no point and click) meaning she has a more diverse ult 5) has an ult that can also be used to simply clear waves when needed to push And that's not even all. Akali's ult has a 30% ap ratio whereas Lux's ult has a 100% ratio...... Furthermore, while already having the benefit of a ranged ult she can cast from a safe zone to hit her enemies, Lux's ult also has a lower cooldown. .... I don't say this to hate on Lux because she should be able to do these things. My point is that Assassins are supposed to have the highest damage but at the cost of the highest risk! That's why "ranged assassins" aren't really a thing. Akali has no hope of achieving an assassin status where she currently is. Its all risk, no reward. Please for the love of God! Give her an insane damage buff! Make her extremely deadly (like all the other good assassins are: Kayn, Zed, Yi, Nocturne, Kha'Zix, Shaco, Etc.) and then make her risk to get the reward greater! Reward players who have mastered an assassin champion to its finest potential with the benefit of a champion who can delete someone. My recommended changes would be to make her ult a skill shot again and up the damage again. Lessen the shrouds speed boost. Lessen the time you have to dash back to with your E after you have cast it once. And perhaps the best change you could make and it alone could probably solve your problem: increase the time required between ult dashes! I love (and by love I mean hate with a passion) that I have 2.5 seconds before I can use my second dash! What that means is I have to be able to survive, dodge, move, position, etc. around often an entire enemy team for 2.5 seconds after I engaged to kill the carry before I can escape! That is where the challenge comes in! Any decent Akali player should be able to ult in, Q, Auto, E, E, Auto, Gunblade to delete an enemy carry. The mark of a great Akali player is if he can then get out after that, after blowing everything to get his prey can he then get out? or does he get locked down by the enemy team and lose his own life. So please consider what I have said! Up the challenge and let us assassin players keep our "crazy" damage! The challenge is all the fun of playing an assassin but a challenge doesn't exist without the promise of a reward to follow upon success. Ever your loyal fan, BubbaStudmuffin! {{summoner:31}} {{champion:201}} {{summoner:31}}
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