Last hitting: Auto Attacks

As the game progresses and things are becoming more stabilized, I can't quite help point out a few things that, well... need something. Now get mad at me all you want, but I've played quite a bit of champions lately and I've noticed something league might want to take a gander at. We love em! We hate em! Lets talk about Marksmen and their ability to farm! I've realized that it has become harder and harder to farm for a marksmen. A lot of players go early champions like Draven, Lucian, and Miss Fortune because they can abuse levels 1-6 against their opponent by constantly pushing their wave under tower as well as having stable last hit damage for minion gold. Mid game marksmen like Ezreal, Kai'Sa, Kog'ma, and Varus don't seem to have much of an issue as well because their abilities are built for that kind of abuse. Though... Aside from Champions like Vayne and Jhin, marksmen who's kit revolves around Critical damage suffer from losing out on an insane amount of minions when pushed under tower or just simply pressured with wave control. The thing is, critical users such as Caitlyn for an example, can't last hit minions when forced under tower or making sure your Attacks hit when necessary. In fact, critical marksmen have to pay so close attention to last hitting the minion that your "projectile" has to already be fired the split moment the minion strikes near. All I am saying is that a simple +__ damage to critical marksmen users is needed so they can properly last hit without having to stand right in front of the minion just to be the first to deal the last blow. There is either that, or maybe you could strip the minions of their armor and magic resistance? I don't see why they even get it since it is only their damage and hp that scales.
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