About a new Eternals set

> Some players want very skill-expressive trackers, while others want trackers that are more accessible and will grow large over time. So to that end, we’ve tried to include some of both for each champion and will likely continue that trend into the future. Proposed eternals changes for Poppy: ○ Enemy champion dashes or blinks denied with Steadfast Presence (W) ○ Shields thrown (P) ○ Distance enemies have traveled from charged R hits None of these are skill-expressive. We need something like "Heroic Charge stuns/Keeper's verdict activations, which result in a takedown within 5 seconds" or "units killed by iron ambassador". Simply activating an ability shouldn't be something a payed feature should track, there needs to be more. "Damage mitigated by shieldy" would be also an option, but I do wish for at least one skill-expressive tracker that requires a bit of an offensive playstyle. Oh, and also remove "blinks" from the first one, because poppy can't deny blinks with her steadfast presence. Unless you plan on adding that functionality to her kit, which would be more than welcome :p

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