ARURF: Revert Transcendence Nerfs

Prior to the PBE updating today for every 10% of CDR I was getting about 12 AD or 20 AP depending on what I was doing. Currently its sitting at 3 AD and 5 AP. I am completely baffled as to why this change was made, is suddenly too much damage a problem, in ARURF? All this rune did was make more builds viable and the game more fun as a whole. If your argument is oh well it makes other runes less viable then why dont you buff the other runes? Dark Harvest isn' the best rune for most champs and yet everyone and their mother takes it because its fun. The Transcendence nerfs hit tank builds and utility builds especially hard and just makes the game less fun for someone who doesn't want to build 6 Infinity Edges or Spellbinders /-: Please upvote if you agree so somebody can take notice, thank you.
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