Few Suggestions [Minor changes, mostly]

- Please allow us to move the position of maestries and rune pages. - Allow us to place our champions on different pools, so during the champ select all we have to do is write the name of the pool and all the champions on that pool will be shown. (Ex: "mains: shows your main [well, dúh! ] ) just like how it happens when we write marksman, or assasins. - (More of a personal one) Since the new maestries are about the way you are going to play on that specific game and which champions are you against it would be nice if we could get a bit of extra time after all the champions have been selected. - (For new players, mostly) Add a small alert to remember players to change their runes, maestries and summoners. It'll be nice if you could turn on and off this option - Let us have more than one chat window open at the same time. - **Please** Fix nocturne ingame face. he looks anything but scary. - Can we make Leblanc clone dance and laugh? - I Know this one is unlikely to happen, but can we make thresh have a global laugh when scoring a pentakill/assist?

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