Nerf Singed and Poison in TFT/ sound Bug

Riot, Please nerf Singed and Poison. They are way to strong, especially Singed. The creeps dont attack Singed when he walks during the whole Stage. He should be more attackable that players have better chance in late game to win vs Posion and a Singed. Its just low when someone pick this stupid champ combo to win late Game with an clearly invulnerable champion in enemy team. Mystic cant handle them. And the other problem is the item tear of the goddess. Its to rarely u get this item. And another Big Problem is sometimes u have not finished Items on champions, the item drop rate are to low in late game. Raptors should give more chance to get better items that u can finish your items u need. I hear alot of sound bugs. If u played once again Singed u hear all the time his sound on your stage. And the same Problem is on the cloud map u hear all the time a sound ( i dont know form who this sound coming but its horrible) Regards Drako

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