Is it just me or is there a lot of people who don't realize what the PBE is for?

I just signed up for the PBE today after waiting forever for the signups to be reopened and played a couple games. What I encountered (bugs and lag excluded) was a lot of people acting like it was normal League, e.g.: Complaining that I wasn't pulling my weight on the team Bitching after every death like it mattered Taunting and emote spamming plus shit-talking in chat to demoralize/tilt the enemy team Overall being a dick Now one of the reasons I was excited to join the PBE community is I feel like I'm contributing to the games as a whole rather than just being a counter weight to the vast amount of toxicity present in the community. I was also hoping to meet some of the more chill, relaxed players like myself since, the whole point is to screw around and find bugs. But I've seen the exact opposite so far. Is this normal for PBE?
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