Garen Changes too strong?

I know a lot of you guys tried Garen with basically his current build. Which wont work at all. Garen Procs Conqueror So fast atm on PBE. Garen Can Solo Baron. Garen build so versatile now. Botrk is solid: 1 extra tick, a cc, life steal (working on E), nice ad, ant tank proc working on spin Guinsoo: Works and stack so fast. even at 2.5AS without his proc: ur spin is 18ticks. if u proc it to 6 ur spin goes to 20ticks even if you are max 2.5AS Frozen Mallet: Don't let him reach you. (red buffs aoe apply too) Tri Force: Give you all you need. CDR/AS/Burst/MS (the try force proc work during spin) Wits End: is insane too if you have high AS Berserker Greaves: Is an option now for more offensive approach. Stormrazor: Is also a nice spike with CC/AS/AD. I didnt mention Black Cleaver: you already get 25% armor reduction for 4 secs on spin after 6 ticks. (which you can stack so fast with AS items) So far garen scale way better with Attack Speed, and also can wave cleave very well late too. Also giving him more power on the split push with that AS. Yes Demacian Justice (R) can feel weaker, but that true damage baseline is so strong in some situation and against certain champ. I might come back to LoL, is garen get that AS scaling or Procs on Spin. But so far on pbe with current stats, it feel too strong. Life Steal on 20 ticks LUL {{sticker:garen-swing}} I suggest giving those items a try. Before claiming spin does no dmg. It does more than ever atm. so build can do 3k+ spins (but u squishy with only 3k HP)
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