Declining number of players

First off i would like to apologize for my spelling in advance. I don't know what you guys think but league has been getting boring, I have been playing since season 2 and when i first started playing it was awesome. Don't get me wrong I still kinda enjoy the game other then the crappy community. When League originally came out with different game modes it was awesome ,Its still awesome IMO. But why does League have to take away everything we love dear in out hearts. Like URF only lasted a week on the PBE. I can't understand how a gaming company can only have 2 game modes summoners rifts and ARAM (twisted tree line doesn't count). Why can't we continuously have a rotating game mode to make the game fun again. Please if someone from RIOT is reading this i think i can speak for the most of us that we would like more options. We have 140+ Champs but 2 game modes that are getting boring.. Now if RIOT is trying to kill the game then keep doing what you guys are doing and i am sure it will happen soon.
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