Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback

**7/31 EVENT SPAWN RATES ARE CURRENTLY BUGGED!!! WE ARE WORKING TO FIND A FIX.** ---------------------- **/!\ GET HYPED SUMMONERS /!\** This will be the central PBE feedback thread for Nexus Blitz, our new experimental game mode, before it goes to live for a multi-patch alpha test (...yes, we're in a beta of an alpha). If you haven't read it yet, go to the[ [[dev corner thread here]]]( for the high-level context on experimental modes and Nexus Blitz! This thread's for us to talk details. **REMINDER:** Nexus Blitz is basically in "early access" right now, so it's kinda rough and unpolished. We'll be AGGRESSIVELY PATCHING everything from champ balance to the map itself it order to make the experience better over time, both here on PBE and when we begin the alpha on live. **What’s different?** * **A New Map** - Nexus Blitz is played on a small map that encourages murdering each other. A single lane splits into 2 in the middle, and the top of the map is a jungle with camps and buffs to fight over. * **Duo Jungle** - Each team will be required to have two junglers who will work together to secure camps and objectives. Jungle XP and Gold is tuned so that it is advantageous to split it between two people. No need to funnel (we hope). * **Short Game Time** - Games of Nexus Blitz average 13-15 minutes, and are guaranteed to end by 20. How can we guarantee that? You'll see. * **Events & Rewards** - Events are map-wide murder-encouraging objectives that bestow glorious rewards on the victors. Do you like payloads and pushing? We got that. Have a thing for circles? Same. LOOT TEEMO!?!?!?!? Kill it with fire. Just don’t INT yourself with the Cannonpult. We’re just getting started on these things and hope to add more events and rewards as the mode is developed. * **On-Fire** - Nexus Blitz rewards bloodthirsty players who manage to get kills and stay alive by lighting them On-Fire, granting tons of adaptive stats, CDR, and mana regen. Watch out though, you’ll be easier to kill while On-Fire and grant a large bounty to those who manage to shut you down. It’s lit fam. Hit the PBE and try things out! We’d love to hear your feedback. Tell us about the things you find enjoyable (or awful). What are things that would make you stop playing (or want to play more)? We’ve got a long way to go and are ready to make changes. Thanks! Below are more detailed descriptions of the map specific mechanics as well as any patches we release over the course of the PBE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updates will go here over the course of our PBE stay! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > **STARTING ITEMS** > * Only 1 starter item can be purchased. Doran’s, jungle, and support items all count as starter items. > * The sustain aspects of the Doran’s items have been significantly buffed (Lifesteal, mana regen, health regen) > * Added a new Doran’s item for Enchanters who want to last hit (Doran’s Lost Idol). > -----Support items have been changed----- > * Supports can buy Heart of Targon (Relic Shield) or Philosopher's Medallion (Ancient Coin). Spellthief’s line has been removed. > * These items are stronger than their SR counterparts but do not upgrade into anything. > * Support item quests are gone, as is sightstone. > * Control wards have been removed > > **JUNGLE** > * There’s a turret in the enemy jungle. It’s invincible. Don’t try to kill it. You’ll die. Your friends will laugh at you. > * Jungle camps taken with more than one champion grant 150% XP and Gold split between the champions taking it (compared to 100% XP and Gold if taken alone) >-------Jungle items have been simplified--------- > * All builds start with “Pridestalker’s Blade," a combination of Hunter’s Machete and Talisman, which then can be upgraded with an enchant. > * Upgrading to the Enchant grants Chilling Smite along with the normal bonuses. > * "Monster Hunter" XP and Gold mechanics have been removed. > * Red and Blue buff are now located centrally and are much stronger. Taking a buff camp gives a supercharged version of the buff to the 2 nearest champions on the team who last hit it. > * Rift Herald is stronger, granting Baron Buff AND Rift Herald for 2 minutes to the team who takes it. > * Baron Buff only buffs minions, it does not give AP and AD. > > **ON-FIRE** * Getting X kills or assists without dying lights you On-Fire. -----On-Fire stats------- * 20% Attack Speed * 20-200 Adaptive force (based on level) * TONS of CDR (Does not count towards the CDR cap) * 20 mana/energy per second * 25% increased damage taken * On-Fire has no maximum duration, but is lost when killed and grants 800+ gold to your killer and 200+ gold to the each other champion on the killer’s team > >**EVENTS & REWARDS** * A random event happens every few minutes (average 2-3 per game) * Winning an event grants the victors a random reward * Many events have additional bonuses on top of the reward granted to the winner (like gold for doing a thing) * The final event happens at 18 minutes. It is not random. Its reward is arguably the best in the game. > > **GOLD SHARING** * All minion deaths (regardless of last hit) and monster kills share ~30% of the total gold value to every champion on the team. (Not XP, though.) As an example. If a cannon minion is worth 100g, everyone on your team gets 30g when it dies. * Last hitters (or nearby allies in the case of jungle camps) still get the full gold (and XP) value. So if you kill a 100g cannon minion you will get 100g and the rest of your team will get 30g * Gold from champion kills and assists is NOT globally shared > > **NEW (old) ITEMS** > A number of fan favorite items are returning for a second grasp at life in Nexus Blitz * Wriggle’s Lantern * Ghost Walkers * Spectral Cutlass * Bloodletter's Veil * Deathfire Grasp * Spear of Shojin * Atma’s Reckoning * Force of Nature * (Heart of Gold and Philosopher's Stone have spiritually returned—see Starting items above.) > **GLOBAL MAP AURA** > * +30% Summoner Spell CDR > * +30% bonus Mana Regen at level 1 > > **SURRENDER** > * Games can be surrendered with a 4 -1 vote after the 8 minute mark. --- > **RUNES REFORGED** > Most time based runes (Like Magical Footwear and Gathering Storm) have been rebalanced for the mode. (Jul 31: CLIENT TOOLTIPS ARE BUGGED TO SHOW SR VALUES.) > > ----**Domination**---- > Taste of Blood > * Cooldown :: 20 seconds >>> 10 seconds > > ----**Inspiration**---- > Kleptomancy > * Switchover to late game drops :: 15 minutes >>> 6 minutes > * Early game loot curve steepness :: First 8 drops >>> First 4 drops > > Magical Footwear > * Time available :: 10 minutes >>> 6 minutes > > Perfect Timing > * Time available :: 8 minutes >>> 4 minutes > > Minion Dematerializer > * Time available :: 4 minutes >>> 3 minutes > > Biscuit Delivery > * Time between biscuits :: 3 minutes >>> 1.5 minutes > > ----**Resolve**---- > Grasp of the Undying > * Health per proc (melee) :: 5 >>> 10 > * Health per proc (ranged) :: 3 >>> 6 > > Conditioning > * Time Available :: 10 minutes >>> 6 minutes > > Overgrowth > * % health per stack :: 0.2 >>> 0.3 > > ----**Sorcery**---- > Scorch > * Cooldown :: 20 >>> 15 > > Gathering Storm > * Rank-up time :: Every 10 minutes >>> Every 4 minutes > > Transcendence > * Level Available :: 10 >>> 6 > --- We're really excited to get Nexus Blitz in front of you, and can't wait for you to try it out. As PBE testers, you can help us take the mode from promising to great and give it the best chance of succeeding when the live alpha begins. Even at this phase of testing, we truly hope Nexus Blitz is a great experience. Thanks in advance for all the feedback!
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