Diana feels simply week

I've been testing builds and runes and Diana is now really lack of damage. I mean you have de same burst as before but a bit nerf becaus it depends of your ultimate, sure {{champion:131}} can bit a bit agressive in lane phase now but it doesn't make sense if your loosing the trades, high cooldowns and you can't force fights, any assassin can outplay you and either way you don't have the scales of a bruiser for long fights mostly becuase therr are not good items for ap fighters. I know that {{champion:131}} was not ment to be an assasin but was the role sha can occupate thanks to her scales and their gon on PBE. I just came from a game where i was 3 levels ahead and i couldn't burst anything with a {{item:3100}} and {{item:3089}} .-. i could only burst something with my ult and many times was dodgeble with {{summoner:4}}. More than reworked feels nerfed. Jungler {{champion:131}} is way better but her ganks are viables at 6 as before due to the lack of cc but have a desent camp clear. If you want her as bruiser she just need a shield from her ult that scales on hit champs insteat of more damage but keeping at least the scales of her pasive u.u other wise please just change the description and turn her into assassin with good scales but please deside a rol she can fit in T.T 'cause at the moment she is under rated as both :/ it's currently like playing {{champion:517}} and he's a tier 5.
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