The State of Dark Harvest

The tooltip as of now shows that it does 20-60 damage based on level and +5 per stack, +0.25 Bonus AD + 0.15 Bonus AP as of today. It increases by 2 instead of 5 per stack, which is horribly low. Now, the main issue is that anyone can use Dark Harvest quite reliably, and Riot seems to not get that the way they did it at the start was right. Make the % scale so that it's bad early game and great mid-late game. It just feels like a back-loaded Electrocute with less damage right now. They should butcher the base damage so that it's around something like 30+3 per stack, and make the % AP and % AD scale instead. 2.5% bonus AD and 1.5% bonus AP would be good to have per stack.

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