I was on leave from league, but highnoon Ash skin is a tragedy.

This is so sad... I was cringing the whole time I listened to her voice lines. Like almost every skin riot publishes this one lacks sophistication. ** HER VOICE THOUGH, ACCENT & VOICE FILTER **! - This is so sad to see a skin with great potential yet has a city accent like uhh, are voice actors that scarce? you're in LA for god's sake. - As many mentioned everywhere. What's with the echo?? it really does sound like it was recorded with a phone. - The voice of the actress doesn't fit quite well. It's so sad to see a skin with great potential half-assed like this. it literally hurts anyone with any sliver of artistic appreciation. You did decent on Lucian accent why half-ass this?! https://youtu.be/eT0s2fXXPO8[] Mary Agnes' accent isn't very authentic. but damn. it's x1000 times better than whatever this is.

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