Close PBE signups please

I don't remember when I first signed up for the PBE but it was probably 2+ years ago and because the PBE has been open for a long time now there have been an increasingly large amount of players who just either play because of the RP / Skins that don't need testing anymore or just play to fuck around. I'm always hearing the phrase "**It's just pbe**" and use it to troll and not actually play the game or to test anything, because of this there are a lot of players who don't care about the games they play on PBE, most of the time if someone has a bad game they just int even harder or just leave the game. Sometimes there are even two players who leave just because they don't wanna play anymore. I understand that people who actually do experience this will just be like "Just deal with it everyone goes through this. The thing is 2 years ago on PBE all the games were decent games to play and consistent. Almost every other game now I get an AFK or someone who just fucks around too much. People think just because it's PBE means they can just leave the game if they are having a bad game which just tilts the other 4 players which leads to them playing badly or them AFKing if they tilt hard. I'd either like it if they closed PBE signups or actually did something about the report system.
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