Sett QOL and Suggestions

Hi, so this is my first ever time actually making a discussion board for anything. I go by Ruffus the Seal, I play a large variety of champions along Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and very limitedly, Support. I wouldn't say that I have a main, as I would rather be a Jack of all Trades but I tend to play fighters/bruisers/tanks and the occasional mage or marksmen. Now enough about me, I'm here to discuss some of my thoughts on Sett and some changes that would probably help. These are just my thoughts and experiences with him as of the making of this. I'm going to be covering his Gap Closing, 'W', Haymaker, and 'E' Facebreaker. **Gap Closing** For Gap Closing, I like the idea of the description of Sett's 'Q' which is "Sett itches for a fight,". This gives me the feeling that he'd plow through anything to get to his target. So maybe he'd push through minions or small monsters to get to "The Boss". I feel as he is right now, it's difficult to get close enough to clobber and stick to his target and this would help solve the issue of him getting walled by waves of minions as he tries to run at the big guy blasting him with lasers or spraying bullets as Sett is getting dogpiled by minions that are getting in his way. Sett needs to show them whose The Boss around these parts and that anyone who does needs to learn their place. **'W' Haymaker** For 'W', in short, it's clunky in his kit. I think that the charge up is a bit too long, by maybe 0.1 seconds, and maybe increasing the shield duration of it to last for maybe 0.5 seconds longer, as I feel that it isn't too great as reactive or predictive as the shield to be effective requires Sett to take almost half his health to have a sizeable shield for the former, and the charge up is too long that it's telegraphed to the enemy what's about to happen for the latter. The grit passive is also something that needs tuning, as the grit that you just gained very rapidly depletes, to the point where it's gone before you can get that **big chonky smash** with your 'W', making that 'W' a gust of the wind when it could have been a concussive blast. **'E' FaceBreaker** For his 'E', I think that it should be either slightly wider or longer, as it is extremely awkward to get it to work smoothly. it is completely obvious what Sett's intentions are, which is to attempt to walk between two or more enemy units and smash two baddies together and make them kiss, which is obviously the reason behind the stunning effect it has. When Sett tries to do that, however, he doesn't have the necessary gap closer make that happen, due to either the enemy having a dash or in the case of laning, getting constantly minion blocked, refer to Gap Closing. When Sett does manage to get pass through the wall of minions somehow and attempts to use his 'E', it's awkward to use effectively. It's either too short or not wide enough to catch the two units and clap them together. Sometimes I feel as if the indicator for it is imprecise when it comes to showing the range which is gonna need some tweaking. **TL;DR: Sett needs better Gap closing, 'E' needs a range buff and better indicator, 'W' needs duration adjustments.** Sorry for having this be an essay about Sett, but I think that this will help him in the long run, or just give the development team some more food for thought (If they even see these >_>), again these are just my thoughts after testing him a bit and screwing around in practice tool. If anyone has their opinions about Sett, I would like to hear about it in the comment sections to see how people think of punchy boss man or maybe just do the poll if you feel like it xd

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