Nexus Blitz feedback after ~150 Games

I also posted this on the live server boards but Im not sure whats the better place, so Ill leave it here too. Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion. Feel free to share your opinion constructively and have a nice discussion. Also keep in mind that ~90% of my games where jungle. I will focus on gameplay aspects and not take champion/item/rune balance into account. I will mention bugs if noticed but not really talk about them since theyll ~~hopefully~~ obviously get fixed. Im not a native speaker so please dont mind mistakes. **TL;DR** this mode still needs a fair amount of polish but is super fun and deserves to be permanent. ____________________________________________________ **Plants:** Placement of Honeyfruit and Scryers Bloom seem fine, Blast Cones were just thrown around the Herald pit and so far 2 of them were moved deeper into the jungle which is very nice and less annoying but imo we could still get rid of 2 Blast cones. Current: Id personally prefer two of them like this: ____________________________________________________ **Death Timers:** For now they seem too long in the late game, but Ill talk about this in the next paragraph together with the final sudden death event. ____________________________________________________ **Events:** Ill start with the Sudden Death since its problem with the death timer carries over to other events. Ill take a closer look of event balance in the next paragraph. Sudden Death: Speaks for itself and a good way to end the game. Could use some better abilities though. The thing is: When you are about to finish at 17:50 for example and you fail (your team dies), the Nexus spawn and your team is 50+ seconds dead. This is a 100% free win for the losing team. This Sudden Death is the final showdown that decides on win or lose. It should at least make every dead player respawn and maybe even reset hp and mana (or even CDs) of every player. Even Bardle Royale makes dead players respawn. Bardle Royale: Not much to say here, its my favorite event of nexus blitz but it shares the death timer/sudden death poblem – If this is the last event and it takes too long it will end after minute 18. This results in the final event spawing right after, while the losers of Bardle Royale are probably still 40+ seconds dead. -> Bardle Royale Juggernaut: Same as Bardle Royale + If this event spawns as the first event, the Juggernaut will have 3000+ HP while other players probably havent even reached 1000hp (except tanks). Thats stressing. Fun fact: within all my games there were somewhere between 60-80 Juggernaut events, I became the Juggernaut 3 times (why do you hate me). -> Bardle Royale Paranoia: Same as Bardle Royale + this is super fun. Because you cant see anything, there are often still 8-10 players alive when the circle is already very small making it an absolute clown fiesta, I love it. King of the Hill: Works just fine. Loot Teemo: I read some complaints about this event because of the amount of gold it grants (but I guess its less now since Riot nerfed his hp), but its actually very fun when both teams all-in the Teemo to get the gold. -> Loot Veigar: Dont really get the point of it being a Veigar, Teemo at least carried a treasure chest making the loot aspect legit. Here you just get gold for hitting a big Veigar that bothers you with his stuns. If thats all it takes there could be loot events of Fizz, Ahri, Alistar or any other champ with annoying dashes or AoE CCs. Loot Singed could be fun though. Push the Cart: Solid event, only thing that bothers me is that once 2 turrets are down (open inhib) the cart starts to move through the jungle (probably because its the shortest way) instead of staying on the lane. Scuttle Race: Nothing to say here either, the event is fun, displacing the crab is still very buggy though. Snowball Fight: By far the worst Event. Even after the changes that introduced the cute penguin, increased the slow and the increased progress per hit, its just not fun. Apart from that when the event ends 1 second before I wanted to throw a snowball it puts my flash on a neat 200sec cooldown. All in all the events are good and it would be great to have more events over time. Ive already seen great ideas on reddit/PBE boards. ____________________________________________________ **Event Balance:** This is a big problem with the Royales, Loots and King of the hill. Royales ending inside the enemy Nexus even though their inhib turret is still full HP (this actually happened in my first Nexus Blitz on the live servers), Teemo running through the enemy jungle the whole event and chilling in enemy turret range or king of the hill circles being 80% inside the enemy turret range. Imo those events should always occur in the middle of the map as long as the team gold gained is more or less the same and slowly start favoring the losing team once the difference in team gold increases. But things like those events (almost completely) taking place inside enemy turret range should never be the case. Im fine with King of the hill spawning inside the enemy base when we are ahead and already destroyed their inhib turret, giving the losing team a better chance for comeback (if they die they get way faster to the point than the winning team) without making it ridiculous for the winning team. But thats not much fun when 3 out of 4 turrets are still standing (yes this also happened once). ____________________________________________________ **Rewards:** Blessing of Blitzcrank: Not much to say, works fine as a reward. (Take care of the jungle turret, since its inside a wall it will pull you behind it) Blessing of Soraka: Not super creative but it also works just fine as a reward. Blessing of Zilean: Its super tilting if every enemy has a GA. Super fun if your team has it. I can almost feel the tilt of the enemies. Blessing of Caitlyn: Looks super funny but feels a bit unfair as a permanent reward. I played a good amount of tanks that didnt care about it, but I once had a squishy in my team that got targeted by two siege minions at the same time and just died at 60% hp. Overall damage to squishies seems too strong. Blessing of Khazix: I like this one. Blessing of Janna: This one is ridiculous. The shield amount is giant and the time unlimited. You can only lose trades when someone has the shield, its so high you cant even poke against it. If this is the reward of the first event it easily doubles your hp (shield is probably even bigger), if the already winning team gets this reward its probably gg. So here are some suggestions: Let the amount of shield scale with ingame time; let the shield decay very slowly (0.5% per sec for example); let the amount of shield scale with your team gold dis-/advantage. Catapult of Champions: This one is just super fun. A number of people want this to get nerfed by giving it a time limit or a maximum amount of uses per player but I dont really feel like this is necessary. If my team has it its nice, if the enemy team has it it doesnt feel like the game is unwinnable. If it has to be nerfed maybe decrease the range since it goes beyond the middle of the map. Cursed Minions: Not much to say either, looks like a fair reward. ____________________________________________________ **Event Timers:** I dont really get the point of the events spawning randomly inside a time span, cant see any advantage in this. The disadvantage though is that this can result in the last event start at 17:10 or even 17:20 and delay the sudden death. Id prefer fixed event times starten at 4:30 since this is the time that everyone should have reached level 6 even if the game went bad so far. So for 4 events it would be (just an example) 4:30, 8:30, 11:00, 15:00, 18:00 or with equal spans 4:30, 7:52.5, 11:15, 14:37.5, 18:00 but that arent nice numbers. ____________________________________________________ **Base:** Thats probably just me but the base (Nexus and turret) feels so lost in an open space and not really like a base. ____________________________________________________ **Map Layout:** Free Spaces: The map feels very empty at the red circles. Orange circle feels a bit awkward and the only times I see this being used is to take the honeyfruit, get around turret range in unlucky event spawns or to setup a dive when youre far ahead. I think this path is one oft he reasons that makes the base feel lost. Layout around blue buff: This is a change that has been on PBE for 2 days I think, "Goal is to make laning more understandable (less gank paths) and fights around blue and Rift herald more fun." and imo it actually did make the fights around blue and herald more fun, I liked it better. ____________________________________________________ **Jungle:** I read that some people dont like the „forced“ double jungle, but imo its implemented pretty decently. At the beginning I thought about a better camp placement or even a 4th camp but now I got used to it and it feels fine. There is a big problem though that is the patience bar. Playing 2 melee junglers (maybe even both with a dash) will decrease the patience bar so damn fast, its not even fun and as soon as you are trying to contest a buff you have 4 junglers switching aggro making the buff reset every few seconds, its very annoying. So here are to suggestions to improve this: Increase the patience bar, however, this would result in the jungle camps following you way further through the jungle which is very annoying aswell so they would need a maximum range that they follow someone. The other solution would be to not let a jungle monsters lose patience when switch targets between players from the same team or to even specify between teammates that have smite as a summoner spell but thats probably not even necessary since Nexus Blitz jungle is easy and I can’t see a way how this could be abused. Only the herald patience should be untouched since its just a normal objective like dragon or herald on Summoner’s Rift. Apart from that there is a „mechanic“ where you kill the big wolf next to the red buff, since the explosion deals %max HP dmg this will deal 4000+ true damage tot he red buff. This is probably not working as intended but I wish this would stay since its pretty neat. ____________________________________________________ **Bot Lane:** As a jungler I dont really have much contact with the botlane since there is no real reason for me to go there. It got better with the implementation of the botside camp which was a strong buff at first, but now its a defenseless scuttle crab that can be done by the laners themselves, I like the crab though. ____________________________________________________ **Selection Mode:** To not split the community and increase queue times there can obviously only be one mode of Nexus Blitz, but the question is if it should be blind pick or blind pick with bans. On the one hand its very frustrating if you cant play your favorite champ in a fun mode because its banned, on the other hand I played Yi once and had 3 quadras + 1 penta in a single game. First two weeks on PBE I really wanted to have bans. 100 games later Im still not 100% sure but blind pick should probably be the way to go for a fun mode. Since playing on live servers Ive seen a very wide variety of champion picks and even if you get shit on by an unfun to play against champ Nexus Blitz will end quickly once it gets to snowbally.
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