some champs needs some buffs seriouly !!!

-malphite should get more ap at his ulti he have really decent ap on his ulti his ulti should be like 600-700 ap we dont need any ap ratio buffs thank you . q should get more ap also . -fiddle should be buffed his e . e its a bit strong in early but so so so so so so so so so so so so weak in late game . yeah we know the silence sometimes some champs have silence and they use their abilities buggs . -annie the most champ is how to say it forgotten or forgeten XD i dont know how to say it . should get some spicy buff .i want to see any on some kind of tournaments and the bear =D . -xerath ulti its the most retarded ulti i saw it if you put 3 balls on a target you are cheater . hitting an enemy on 2 axes x , y its more harder thats why people cheat on xerath . why not make xerath ulti more easy or more fast or make the circle bigger so you can kill an enemy without any breaking for your keyboard . - blitz q cooldown should be lowred . these days i was playing aram on live server and i saw UFO of syndra ulti was walking around the map XD . all the guys saw it .
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