Back to the drawing board Riot.

Put Program coven thresh, and spaghetti and meatballs thresh back where you found it. Out of all the themes that have been created, pulsefire was your choice? Then, as if reversing back in time like the skins theme, you've done nothing more than reverse back to your golden plaster amongst the skin and particles. The only real difference I've seen is the lantern, and.. to be quite frank, just like I've seen other people say, the W looks like an egg in a frying pan. I'm not one to harshly criticize the skins you've guys created, but this is not it. Other themes such as: Coven GotS (Guardians of the Sand) Artic Ops Omen Skinline Arclight/Justicar World Breaker Death Blossom Papercraft Hell, even praetorian would've been much better than this. Or a holdout till snowdown thresh? All skin lines suggested feel much better with his lore and fit him, and his VFX well. But, obviously, that's my opinion. A cybernetic skin is something I never would've forseen for Thresh. Something gothic and dark is something I've always seen him as. It's why HN is such a success. It's why I personally still play with blood moon. Coven would be such a strong skin for him, and revenue wise? Possibly more sales too. I was super excited to know that Thresh was going to receive a prestige edition skin and knew I could spend my points on something worthwhile. But, I think I'll just hold onto them until something arrives later down the line. I understand you guys go by play rate of the champ and popularity. But, shouldn't that push you guys to deliver something a huge amount of players are going to purchase to continue playing the champ? These are just my thoughts though.
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