My opinion about the cannon

Hello. So I'm trying my best to share my opinion with you in a way that provides feedback for RIot. The cannon should either be **majorly nerfed**. I myself, have been playing League of Legends since 2013 and got lots of chances to play URF ; and Teleport really needed a change on this gamemode. When we had Teleport instead of the cannon, the cooldown was **a bit annoying**, considering the fact that **you teleported when you started the game, and if you died, your teleport was still on cooldown after you respawned**. I think Riot tried to resolve this issue by removing Teleport and adding the cannon ; which is still on PBE, so it still **can improve a lot**. * First things first, I'd like it so that the sound of it **is lower as you are farther away from it**. It is annoying for me to hear that all the time. * I'd also want so that the cooldown before you can move after you landed is **smaller**. I hate when I shoot myself to the gromp on my side of the map and there is a Fizz waiting there to kill me, and I **can't even dodge his ult**. Or at least, **give us invincibility while not being able to move**. * Now, this was not that mentioned before, but I think the cannon **should have a cooldown**. Not the old way of having a cooldown, but rather a **cooldown after you respawned**, that lowers depending on your level ~ so if you are level 18 for example, you have to wait **2 seconds**, but if you are level 6 you have to wait **5**. This would fix the issue of the cooldown of teleport, while still preventing enemies **to immediately get back to lane if you killed them**. That gives both the enemies and you more opportunities: **you can go back to base on time ; and if they finally kill you, they have a bit of time to get EXP from farming** * Make the range **get bigger once you level up**. So, for example, when you start the game, you can only get to your exterior turret, and when you get level 18, you get somewhere around their Red and Blue buffs across the map. This can also prevent what happens at the last point ; **they get back to the lane before you are able to get back to your base ; and not just one time, but everytime**. * **Replace the on my way ping with the normal one** ; because it will let your allies know where you are going. The cannon is definately *a great idea*. However, playing ARURF on PBE right now makes me feel like it ruins the game most of the times: for me at least, URF was a gamemode where you teleport to the lane, spam all of the keys on your keyboard, and if you win, you go back and start it all over (which also gives some time for the enemies to maybe have a comeback). If you think I am not right, please *leave a reply with your opinion*.
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